Dual Input, Unbalanced Output Differential Amplifier

  • These configurations are represented in fig 1.2 and are defined by the number of input signals used and the manner in which output voltage is calculated.
  • In case of two input signals, the configuration is known as dual input, otherwise it is a single input configuration.
  • On the other hand, in case the output voltage is determined between two voltages, it is known to as a balanced output because the dc potential of both the collectors are same with respect to ground, the configuration is known as unbalanced output.
  • A multistage amplifier having a required gain can be determined with the help of direct connection between successive stages of differential amplifiers.
  • The benefit of direct coupling is that the lower cut off frequency is removed which is imposed by the coupling capacitors, and thus they have the ability of amplifying both ac input signals and dc input signals.

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