Triangular Wave Generator

Introduction: The following section that is given below is the complete explanation of the Triangular Wave generator.

Triangular Wave Generator:

• In the relaxation oscillator conferred in the preceding lecture, capacitor voltage VC has he shape of an approximately triangular wave but the sides of the triangles are exponentials instead of being a sharp straight line.
• In order to make the triangle linear size, it is essential that C be concluded as the charge with a stable current rather that being the the exponential current through R.
• The superior circuit is shown in Fig1.1

Figure 1.1

• In the given circuit an OPAMP Integrator is being used in order to supply a constant current to C in order to get a linear output.
• Because of the inversion from the Integrator, the voltage is actually the fed back to the terminal that is non-inverting of the comparator instead of the inverting terminal. The rle of inverter is as a non-inverting Schmitt trigger.
• The voltage vR is utilized to change the dc stage of the triangular wave and addition to this, voltage vs is utilized to alter the slopes of the waves that are triangular as shown in fig1.2

Fig. 1.2
• To get the result as maximum value in response of the triangular waveform presume that the square wave voltage vO is at its negative value = -Vsat.
• With a negative input, the output v (call) of the Integrator is actually the raising ramp. The voltage denoting at the non-inverting comparator input v1 is expressed by

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